October 10, 2013

Stop WordPress Registration Spam

Stop WordPress registration spam. Is your website being overrun with spam registrations by robots? Have you gone to the WordPress site and looked for a solution? Have you found only other people looking for the same solution you are, but no meaningful replies. Have you wondered why WordPress does not have an option to disable registrations?

I have wondered all of that myself. In one instance I was making a new WordPress site, and nobody in the world except the domain registrar, WordPress and the plugin publishers knew the site even existed, the domain was freshly bought only minutes before. Somehow though, within minutes of starting to create the website someone and their robot knew that the website was there and has already begun to make spam comment submissions. So I required them to register, thinking this might solve the problem, while I was still building the site. Nope, they simply gave me robot generated spam registrations.

So, who told them the website was there? Good question, and I have no idea, and I seriously wondered about that? Was it WordPress? Was it a plugin supplier? Was it a registrar? No matter who did the deed, they are relentless in spamming that site every few minutes around the clock! So much for being able to stop WordPress registration spam

So back to stopping WordPress registrations. How does one disable WordPress registrations? I am sorry to say that unless one goes into the code and strips out that code or comments it out, or manages to find a WordPress plugin to stop registrations, that actually works well, there is no way.

Neither does it seem that the folks who come up the the new releases of WordPress wish there to be an easy option to allow a website owner to do that inside the WordPress admin panel. Now that is strange, not like people have not been talking about that issue for the last 5 years  or more.

Now, if you do go in and modify the code, please realize that if you ever upgrade your WordPress site, then you will most likely need to go back in and make the same or similar modification to WordPress all over again, every time you upgrade. If you do not know how to make such changes your are best off not trying to, or you may damage your website.