Free Masonic Lodge Website Design

A free Masonic Lodge Website Design is available to any recognized Masonic Lodge, anywhere in the world, who so requests it. The limitations on this offer are:

  • the Lodge is and continues to be recognized (by one of the recognized Grand Lodges in Canada, or a Grand Lodge recognized by it, which should cover most “regular” Lodges).
  • the web design or template used is decided upon by the company, and is usually limited to 5 pages, though you may indicate some preferences in terms of colors, etc, though we do not promise to meet those preferences. (Additional pages can be added for a one time cost of about $25 (Cdn) each plus HST.)
  • the Lodge provides the textual content, pictures, and other content for each page, sorted by page title
  • only a limited number of pictures are permitted
  • the Lodge must provide web hosting and a domain name (we sell both at reasonable commercial rates at and would be pleased to host your website.)
  • once built, the Lodge is then responsible to maintain their own website, including content once it is delivered. We do offer some free Help Desk support within reason.
  • the offer may be withdrawn without notice at any time.
  • the offer is subject to us having time to get to the free sites between paying customers.
  • offer is also open to Royal Arch Chapters, Masonic Knights Templar, any other York Rite body, Masonic Temple Boards, and Order of the Eastern Star
  • your website will contain one or more links back to our websites

Your website does not have to be hosted with us, but we would prefer that it was. You do not have to buy your domain name through us, but we would prefer that you did. There is some basic onpage SEO work done with the website, but no off page SEO work included for free. (So, it is possible to get us to design and build your Lodge a website without buying anything from us.)

If you are not sure if your Lodge is recognized or not, please ask us anyways and we will do our best to find out, (including for Prince Hall Lodges). If your Lodge is not recognized then we may still take you on as a regular commercial customer at the usual commercial rates.

If you want a more elaborate website than the ones we provide for free, then please let us know and we would be happy to build one for you at market rates, or maybe with a bit of a discount, we can talk about it.

Web hosting is the cpanel type, and comes with Webmail accounts. We provide you with the user names and passwords to be able to maintain your own website once it is complete.

The basic elements of a webs site, are:

  • a domain name (annual cost)
  • a web hosting account (monthly cost)
  • website design (free or a one time fee applies)
  • ongoing maintenance of content etc (free if user does or hire someone)

Your Lodge must either tell us the name of the domain you have already bought and the user name and password of the web hosting control panel, or buy the domain name from us (which is an annual expense), plus buy web hosting from us for about $6 a month. (Our cheapest web hosting package is usually more than big enough to host a decent Lodge Website, but if you need larger web hosting packages we sell those as well and you can upgrade at anytime.)

We do not generally place any advertising on these websites, except links back to our own websites offering web solutions and related services.

Questions are welcome by e-mail.

Two sample websites that are Masonic related that we have built, and provide web hosting for are:

The above site show sponsor pages, which would be absent from Lodge website made under this offer, as they were made under a different offer.

The website might be built using HTML/CSS (as a static website) or it might be built using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, etc. You may indicate a preference, along with any other preferences you may have, but the decisions on free sites are made by us.

To take advantage of the free Masonic Lodge website design offer, please contact us by e-mail at sales (@) wrsbuilder (dot) com, and please be sure to mention in the subject line “Request For Free Masonic Lodge Website Design” or in the case of a Royal Arch Chapter “request For Free Royal Arch Chapter Website Design”, etc.

Please remember that once accepted for a free website design, your Lodge or organization must provide the content for the pages of the website. This does not have to be formatted, any old format will do and we will likely have to reformat it anyways, but please note that we do not write the content for your Lodge!

Offer subject to change or discontinuation at any time.

Sincerely and Fraternally,


WRS Web Solutions Inc.

Please note:

  1. Business Start Up Hosting is a division of WRS Web Solutions Inc.
  2. The Owner of WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a Freemason in Alberta and in Ontario, and a Royal Arch Mason in both Alberta and Ontario.
  3. This offer is a free offer for web design services for Masonic Lodges, and Royal Chapters, etc, which qualify, i.e. are recognized.
  4. No purchase from this company is required in order to qualify for this free offer.
  5. If not purchasing web hosting and a domain name from us, then you must provide a domain name to be used and a web hosting account located at one of our competitors, as a domain name and web hosting are necessary in order for a website to be able to be seen by the public.
  6. Questions on this topic are welcome.


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