September 22, 2013

City of Barrie

The City of Barrie is a great place. Lot’s of people call it home, and they don’t call if home because they have to, they call it home because they choose to live there. Even lot’s of people who work in Toronto choose to live in Barrie and surrounding areas such as Angus.

The Go Train make sit easy to commute from a choice of two train stations in Barrie, and likely more in the future, to most anywhere in Toronto. Lot’s of folks choose to drive down Highway 400 instead of taking the train, and that is just fine as well.

Barrie has great beaches, nice parks, lower house prices than Toronto, good medical care at the RVH Hospital, and most things a family, or a couple or retired folks could ask for.

Many businesses choose to locate in Barrie, as costs are lower than on Toronto or the GTA, yet the cost to transport goods the extra at most 90 Km is only slight. So, over all if is more cost effective for them to locate in Barrie.

(This is not a City of Barrie website.)